Remarkable Wrong-Righters
Resilient Rubber-Man


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Name:  Rick Davies

Occupation:  Scientist

Birth Date:  July 23, 1973

Height:  6'1"

Weight:  160 lbs.

Hair:  Brown

Eyes:  Blue

Place of Birth:  Syracuse, NY

"Rick Davies the Resilient Rubber-Man was born July 23, 1973 in Syracuse, New York, the son of Keith and Martha Davies. Rick got his degree in Biology from the University of Syracuse and joined OASIS. On April 11, 1995, Rick fell into a vat of experimental rubber, and emerged with amazing stretching powers. Working with Stephen Kennedy, the original Challenger, to learn how to use these abilities, Rick Davies the Resilient Rubber-Man embarked on a superhero career. For several years, Rick was a member of SuperSquad America, working side-by-side with his mentor's son, the second Challenger. In 2005, Rick left SuperSquad America to help found the Remarkable Wrong-Righters, the West Coast's newest superhero team."

That's what the official bio says. And most of it is true. It doesn't say your dad ran off with his secretary when you were ten, leaving your mom to raise you and your sister Christine. It doesn't talk about how the lack of a father in your life caused you to seek out surrogate father figures: your scoutmaster; your high school biology teacher; Dr. Johann Staebler, your supervisor at OASIS; and the original Challenger who probably treated you more like a son than his real son. Nor does it mention your love of superheroes, both real and fictional.

Then there is your origin. You were assigned to Dr. Staebler's Project Victory, a joint OASIS-EAGLES effort to create a superteam. As a superhero fan, you volunteered to be the first subject. Experimental programmable nanites (dubbed Staebler Molecules by you) were bonded to your genetic structure to give you stretching powers. However, using your new powers destabilized your entire body. Fortunately, Dr. Staebler corrected the problem. When work on the rest of the team was almost done, EUREKA attacked, kidnapped the subjects, and killed Dr. Staebler. EUREKA brainwashed the subjects, turning them into the villain team Victory. Only a few people know this truth. Everyone else believes the official bio.

Several years again, EUREKA used most of Victory in what amounted to a suicide attack on SuperSquad America. The lone surviving Victory member, Anita Dupuis (Madame Morph), showed up claiming she had broken her brainwashing (mainly because of her feelings for you) and was now working against EUREKA. You were surprised. Anita had been a good friend in the early days of Project Victory, but you never knew she had those feelings. Forethought verified Anita's story and Anita helped defeat EUREKA. You two began dating and Anita began help the team occasionally, eventually joining the Squad under the identity of Swift Kick, a martial artist, in a strategic attempt to keep her shape-changing powers a secret.

Shortly afterward, while visiting Eyratha, an extra-dimensional magical counterpart to Earth, the Forest of revealed that you and Anita would one day have a son. Anita broke down and told you she was two months pregnant. You proposed on the spot. She accepted, and in November 2001, you two wed. On New Year's Day, 2002, your son Stephen Keith Davies was born outside in a Time Room outside of normal time. While you are pretty sure that you have rid him of any effect that the unusual birth had on him, you can't be completely positive. Genetic tests also showed that Stephen, at some point, is likely to develop superpowers, but so far, he has proven to be nothing but a normal little boy.

By late 2005, you had begun to tire of the constant melodrama that seemed to surround SuperSquad America. So, when billionaire publisher Franklin Chance, father of your former teammate Friction Lass, offered you the job of leading the new superhero team he was sponsoring, you , Anita, and little Stephen packed your bags and moved to the Malibu, California beach house that would serve as the headquarters for the new team.

Other than supplying the headquarters and insisting that his daughter be a member of the team, Franklin Chance left the details of the new team to you. Choosing the name Remarkable Wrong-Righters to reflect the sense of fun and excitement you wanted to bring back to your superhero career, you began to seek out potential teammates.

In March 2006, the Wrong-Righters made their public debut but your first real splash came in July of that year when Villainy International took the Los Dodgers hostage in the middle of a nationally televised baseball game. As a result, your defeat of the villains was seen from coast to coast. Unfortunately, while that fight raised the team's profile greatly, it turned out that the Los Angeles area just did not seem to have the same amount of super crime as cities like New York, Chicago, or San Francisco and what supervillain activity there was tended to be of an odder variety.

While the Remarkable Wrong-Righters are not without their problems, it's nice to be leading a team that is not constantly dealing with tough choices and can concentrate on fighting crime and protecting innocents just like the classic superheroes you've always admired.


Note: This background is written in a second person style as it is the background provided to the player playing the character in the Remarkable Wrong-Righters event.