Remarkable Wrong-Righters
Friction Lass


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Name:  Alicia Chance

Occupation:  Celebrity

Birth Date:  June 2, 1975

Height:  5'7"

Weight:  130 lbs.

Hair:  Blonde

Eyes:  Blue

Place of Birth:  New York, NY

You were born June 2, 1975 in New York City. Complications with the birth left your mother dead. You were raised by your father, publisher Franklin Chance (of Chance Publications) and many nannies. As his only child and the splitting image of your mother, you were daddy's little princess. Once you realized this, you turned it to your advantage. If you didn't like a nanny, daddy fired her. If you wanted a new toy or a pretty new outfit, daddy bought it; and as you got older, if there was somewhere you wanted to go, daddy sent you. Thanks to daddy's wealth, you attended some of the best private schools in the country and since daddy left the final choice of schools up to you, you always chose ones that were co-ed and had a large male teaching staff. As a result, you got through school mainly by convincing the smartest boys to do your homework for you or by convincing male teachers to let you slide through when you shouldn't have.

By the time you reached university, you had the art of manipulating men down pat and you slipped through a liberal arts program with no great difficulty. Then, in your senior year, while you were in a field looking through a telescope with Randy Ryan who you were using to pass an astronomy elective, a freak electrical storm hit and you were struck by lightning. Amazingly, you were not hurt and even more amazingly, you soon discovered that you had the ability to control both friction and air resistance. Randy, who wasn't too bad a guy for a science geek, suggested becoming a superhero. Realizing heroes often got their pictures on the front page and appeared regularly on TV talk shows and, most importantly, many male heroes were really cute, you quickly agreed. You asked Randy what you should call yourself and, as a fan of the Legion of Superheroes comic book, he dubbed you Friction Lass. Throughout the rest of your senior year and for a few months after graduation, you worked out vigorously in preparation for a superhero career. Finally, in September of 1995, after a public relations campaign announcing the debut of New York's newest superhero, you took to the streets as Friction Lass. Unfortunately, you soon discovered that you were not cut out to be a solo hero, so you decided that you would try to join the new SuperSquad America and arranged a meeting with Challenger and Rick Davies.

At first, Challenger didn't want you on the team, but with Rick's support and a little subtle manipulation, he soon agreed. You served the team well. And the gig managed to bring you some fame, fortune (especially from some of the modeling and spokesperson jobs you landed from it), and fun. In July of 2001, your true identity as Alicia Chance became publicly known after your uncle, the supervillain DeathGrip, attempted to blackmail you into revealing the secret identities of those members of SuperSquad America who had them. You refused and. as a result, your identity was provided to every major news outlet. You also admitted to your teammates that you had known who DeathGrip was for more than two years. The team, especially Challenger, was not thrilled, and you decided to resign from SuperSquad America.

Shortly after your resignation from the Squad, you received an offer from the Disney Corporation to join their corporate superhero team, Team Disney, based in the Los Angeles area. They pay was good, the weather was great, and the opportunity to more or less start over was too much to resist, so you accepted.

On Team Disney, you were no longer went by the name Friction Lass because they wanted everyone on the team to be a Disney character. So, you became the Beauty half of the Beauty and the Beast working alongside the handsome Kenny Longworth who wore a powered armor suit that resembled the Beast from the animated movie. You enjoyed your time with Team Disney, but most of you just looked at it as a job; there was certainly not the sense of family (albeit, a dysfunctional one at times) that you felt with SuperSquad America.

In January 2005, Disney, which was in the process of ridding itself of such properties as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim NHL team and the Anaheim Angels MLB team, decided to also get of the superhero business and shut down Team Disney. Left without a superteam and knowing from past experience that you couldn't make it as a solo hero, you talked your billionaire father into sponsoring a superteam for you. Unfortunately, you were unable to talk him into letting you lead the team and he decided to hire your former SuperSquad teammate Rick Davies the Resilient Rubber-Man for the job. Unfortunately, that meant his wife Swift Kick would also be on the team and two of you have never gotten along. So far, Rick has proven to be a decent leader, even if you do have to remind him occasionally that it's your father who signs his pay checks. As for the other members of the Remarkable Wrong-Righters, you generally get along with them, but you do find Spook (Jeremy Cross) a bit depressing at times and you're really not sure what to make of Lady Lightning. Still, you're looking forward to many more adventures with the team.


Note: This background is written in a second person style as it is the background provided to the player playing the character in the Remarkable Wrong-Righters event.